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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  April 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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-- the net. >> the capitals found a way to come back from three goals down. "good morning washington" continues now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. great to have you with us. 6:00 on this thursday, april 21. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. good morning. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden is back from a little break. the capitals didn't it. -- did it. >> i fell asleep and i did not think it would turn out the way it did. i woke up and i almost broke up the house. i was so excited. clouds moving over this morning. it will become sunny and it will be a sunny afternoon. we will start the day with some cloud cover. gusty as well. high temperatures 20 degrees cooler than yesterday in the mid
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60's. increasing clouds tonight and that will lead to areas of rain off and on low temperatures in the 40's tonight. it will be comfortable this weekend in the 70's. constitution avenue westbound has the paving project in place after 19th streets blocking two lanes on the right. we will go to newschopper 7. they are on the other side of town. b-w parkway traffic between baltimore and local looks like this, a little volume starting to grow -- baltimore and laurel. things are quiet at the airport and beyond to nsa. another deadly crash on a prince william county road has a high school community in shock and neighbors calling for action. >> it happened really wednesday morning along logmill road. a 15-year-old girl died and four teenagers are recovering in
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hospital. courtney robinson joins us with details. >> today grief counselors will be on hand at the battlefield high-school in a market to help students deal with the loss of one of their classmates. these students are all on spring break at this time, but grief counselors will be out here. police say an excessive speed is to blame in the crash. rescuers say 15-year-old kendra tucker died on the scene of this, yet another fatal crash involving teenagers on logmill road in haymarket, virginia. >> it is shocking to look up and see it on my facebook and on the news that she passed away. >> she and four others, another 15-year-old girl, a 14-year old girl 18-year-old driver male and another teenage boy were in the car when the 2005 silver
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mdodge magnum was speeding down the narrow road and hit a deer and then ran into a tree. >> none of the occupants were wearing seat belts. >> this woman came upon the crash and says the scene was a terrific. one boy was stomach amount in stock and kendra tucker was lying there dead. >> it was horrible. i cannot get it out of my mind. >> according to prince william county police officers they say that one of the teenage males has been treated and released and another remains in hospital. as for the 14 and 15-year-old girls, they are still in critical condition. live in a market, abc 7 news. authorities are trying to determine what caused the death of university of maryland students. adewunmi adepegba collapsed near
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byrd stadium on the college park campus. he was found tuesday night in the roadway and died of a hospital. he was wearing attire. police do not suspect foul play. the faa has fired two air- traffic controllers caught sleeping on the job. the agency says it dismissed a controller at a regional radar facility in miami and a controller at the thai support in rockville. the faa has new rules for flights carrying members of the first and second families. this comes after an airplane carrying first lady michelle obama aborted a landing at andrews air force base on monday. from now on a supervisor and not a controller will direct those flights. the new will only apply to the andrews air force base our and our regional radar facility in warrenton. today president obama and the role of candidate in chief to his job. >> he is trying re-supply his
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reelection fund as he reenergize the base. brianne carter has a preview. >> today president obama will hold his third town hall meeting in as many days. this one in reno, nevada, he will again discuss his plan to bring down the deficit. wednesday he had a town hall with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and he blended social networking with policy issues including its plan to raise $1 trillion in taxes and reforms. this comes as congress plans to vote on raising the debt ceiling while continuing the debate over long-term deficit reduction. both issues, obama says can only be solved if republicans and democrats work together. last night at a fund-raiser the president told supporters that it will mean compromises. he says he understands supporters frustrations. yesterday the republican national committee chairs predicts that the democrats will lose in 2012. president obama says that he believes this race will be tougher than the last.
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abc 7 news. the white house says president obama and his family plan to be in florida for next friday's scheduled launch of the space shuttle endeavor. they may be joined by congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her husband astronaut mark kelly is commanding the mission. looking at the day ahead today's the last day of d.c. pothole palooza. the month-long campaign is ending with nearly 5000 filled. residents were asked call ddot with requests and they are continuing to take requests. a suitland man charged in a fatal shooting at a northwest d.c. bar will never preliminary hearing today. alexis is charged with first- degree murder in last month's shooting death of jose hernandez romero.
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he was wanted by immigration officials after authorities discovered he was in the u.s. illegally. it was certainly a nail biter. the washington capitals made a big comeback last night. >> what a game. they are one step closer to eliminating the new york rangers in the playoffs. take a look. >> aside jason chimera. the net. >> jason-- in the net. >> the capitals lead the series three games to one. they will play on saturday at the verizon center. the fans will be happy to have them backed home. >> adam turned off the game thinking they had lost. they won the game in double overtime. >> they are making it really close. >> close for comfort. thursday, 55 degrees.
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>> still to come, we will talk about the mental health effects of seasonal allergies. there's a new link between itchy eyes, a runny nose, and depression. >> a new report could put the brakes on a massive military relocation plan. >> first another check on traffic and weather whatever 10 minutes. it's thursday morning.
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i am "meagan's law" at the national zoo. we are giving him a fresh fruit.
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are you eating a healthy breakfast? -- i am megan. in the midwest storm brought tornadoes and floods in missouri illinois, and kentucky. no reports of death or injury. 11 minutes after the hour on the thursday morning. time for a look at traffic and weather. there's a chill in the air. there's a breeze as well. you will notice the wind right away. this afternoon will be 20 degrees colder than the mid 80's that we had yesterday. this is from the new hd camera on the rooftop. sunrise at 6:24. we have had high, thin clients to start the day, then mostly sunny to the midday and afternoon. 53 in the district, 55 in
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quantico a 59 in fredericksburg 46 in hagerstown right now. becoming sunny, gusty. high temperatures in the mid 60's. tomorrow we will have a big changes. gray skies with a warm front moving in. areas of rain off and on throughout the day tomorrow especially after the morning commute, low to mid 50's. in the 70's for the upcoming holiday weekend. traffic is a little complicated. a tree has fallen on the baltimore-washington parkway. commuters coming northbound out of the district 4 the beltway it is blocking all lanes. we will give you a live picture in the guy go traffic center camera of newschopper 7 we did in the geico traffic camera from newschopper 7. one is able to get by. 295 northbound, deep= b-w parkway closed at.
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southbound leaving the beltway at 450 your view is obstructed by the trees that are still standing. 6:13, 50 degrees on this -- 52 degrees on is breezy thursday morning. >> d.c. has filed a lawsuit over the gulf oil spill on this one- year anniversary. -- bp has filed a lawsuit. >> a new report says the pentagon used faulty
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welcome back. second our top stories. students at battlefield high- school in a market will be able to talk with grief counselors about an accident that killed another student. 15-year-old kendra tucker was killed and four other students
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were injured in yesterday morning's crash. police say that none of them were wearing seat belts. the faa is moving to deal with several embarrassing incidents involving air traffic controllers. it put new rules in place for flights carrying members of the first and second families and far to the bill controllers caught sleeping on the jobs. two journalists died while reporting on the unrest in the libyan city of misurata. acclaimed photojournalist chris junkeger and tim heatherington died. major projects include widening interstate 66 to haymarket, improving rte. 7 in fairfax and loudoun county is, and building hov ramps on interstate 395. another move that could
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cause more traffic headaches is the plan to transfer thousands of workers to alexandria, virginia. if a new report says the pentagon used faulty data to form that plan. jummy olabanji has details. >> good morning. the inspectors general says the 2008 study used by the pentagon minimalized the impact that they brac realignment would have on the indictment and on 395. that is something virginia leaders say they have been trying to tell the pentagon all along. the inspector general's report released yesterday says the army's traffic study did not look at existing or projected a rush-hour traffic volumes even though the army said the move would have no significant impact on traffic. the report said the army should do more assessment on potential trap the contest and especially on 395 and suggested additional reviews of how the realignment would impact the environment. this all the pentagon plans to
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relocate 5400 defense workers to a complex of 395 in alexandria. almost all employees would be moved from crystal city where they currently have access to the metro and be relocated to the center on seminary road where they would have to mostly commute by car. jim moran plans to hold a teleconference. the congressman says that he wants to file an injunction. leaders in alexandria city the day had not yet read the final report. high gas prices may have more drivers. running on drivers aaa midlantic says calls from members who ran out of gas jumped more than 20% from this time last year. they advise motorists not to let the fuel gauge get below a quarter tank and not to pump the
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gas pedal when trying to restart a car that is out of gas. cutting the courtrd on the home phone. rob nelson has that story and more. >> bp has filed several lawsuits on the one-year anniversary on the explosion that led to the gulf oil spill. if it is suing the rig owner for $3 billion accusing it of causing the disaster and it is suing the maker of the device that fail to stop the blowout. apple has reported another blowout quarter thanks to record highs on sales. its profits nearly doubled from a year ago. ipad sales fell short of expectations because apple could not make enough of them. more people getting rid of their land lines to save money. 27% of homes have only a cell phone. and just go with it will be the
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first movie that you can get direct to your home dusty until months after its hit the theaters. it's going to be a beautiful morning. >> back down to spring temperatures today. tomorrow will be even cooler. a typical shift for april. it makes it fun for us. exciting. today will be a nice day but you will notice the been and 20- degree temperature drop compared with yesterday. 53 right now in the district, 48 in martinsburg 58 in fredericksburg. we are in the 50's mostly to start the thursday morning. there is steady wind out of the northwest anywhere from seven to 23 miles an hour or sustained in the district.
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wind gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. it is a breezy day. we have an area of thin clouds over new this morning. becoming senunny. pretty clear by midday. down to the south there are areas of rain and a few thunderstorms. that's along the frontal boundary which currently is a stationary front, but the wind will start pushing that northward and it will, become a war front. it will lead to areas of rain off and on throughout most of the day tomorrow especially after the morning commute for us and then through the rest of the day. futurecast shows the approach of the war front causing rain off and on throughout the day tomorrow. pretty much for the entire viewing area. damp tomorrow. in the 50's tomorrow.
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warm on the weekend with a few late date thunderstorms perhaps on easter. the inner loop of the beltway between the american legion bridge and riverboat a vehicle made of rolled over. we are going to look at a couple of cameras. first, a live look at 197 between powder mill road and old laurel-bowie. there's a tree down northbound at 450. taking turns along 197. a very popular ballot between laurel and bowie near bowie state university. -- a very popular route. up next on this thursday, why the season in spring could be to blame for the blues. >> later today, 25 years of
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oprah and gayle's all-time best adventures, at 4:00 on abc 7.
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7 is on your side with news about spring allergies. so many are suffering from this right now. maybe spring is also making you feel sad. you can blame it on allergies. allergy sufferers have an
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increased risk of suffering mild depression symptoms. including feeling sad lazy, fatigue. nearly 36 million americans are affected by seasonal allergies. it makes sense. >> we have both been experiencing this. americans are using more painkillers. it has jumped 400% in the past year. the most popular drug is i couldn't. it is such a public health crisis that in 17 states and d.c. more people died from prescription drug overdoses than in car crashes. -- most popular drug is vicodin. 11 years after d.c. voters approve the use of medical marijuana, the rules are finally in place. those sending letters will soon receive applications. only 15 licenses are available 10 of them to grow marijuana and five to dispense it to patients with specific illnesses. >> we have an operation, which
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means anybody who wants to grow marijuana or wants to have the dispensary they can send a letter of intent. >> the d.c. health department has received nine letters and they have received dozens of phone calls. licenses will be awarded in september if all goes well and the clinics could open in october. still another half-hour of good morning washington. >> coming up, the most famous engaged couple on the planet. we will have a look at the lives of the future king and queen of england. >> fund raising and the country posing financial matters as the president heads west. the details coming up next. >> adam caskey in the weather center. a gusty day much cooler than yesterday. we will talk
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>> i think that if we joined hands, we might be able to do something, you know, get this road straightened out. >> straight ahead -- a call to action of after another deadly crash takes the life of a prince william county teenager. good morning washington. it is thursday, april 21. we're glad you're joining us. i'm alison starling. >> good morning to you. i'm pamela brown. we're going to have more on that story in just a moment but we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam has a first check on the forecast. adam this weather is sort of keeping us on our toes. >> yeah it is. it's up and down up and down. and today we're going to be on the down swing in terms of temperatures. mid 80's yesterday. today, 20 degrees cooler than that. and some morning clouds. take a look at our rooftop camera and you can see the high, thin clouds overhead this morning right around sunrise. sun came up about six minutes ago. it's gusty, winds are gusting up to 30 miles per hour. temperatures are in the lower 50's. so 53 in the district.
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48 in martinsburg, and 55 now in la plata. gusty winds throughout the day becoming sunny, with high temperatures in the low to mid 60's. again, it's about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. tomorrow, cooler, gray and damp , rain showers after the morning commute. but comfortable this weekend. any new issues on the road? >> well, yes. we were looking at 197 earlier between powder mill road and bowie state university. that was because of a tree down. now we left the scene of that, and now we're looking at the baltimore-washington parkway at 450. notice traffic getting by. a tree fell down in the roadway northbound. baltimore-washington parkway near 450 left side is all that gets through. but at least you can get by. now, we've got a couple of things brewing on the other side of town. for that, to a map. we just had a vehicle fire on the inner loop before the exit for andrews air force base. only one lane gets by. reports of a vehicle that rolled over on the other side of the beltway close to river road. so leaving the american legion
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bridge heading towards 270. crash is on the suitland parkway, close to first sterling avenue. that he wants the suitland parkway inbound at the last turn before you would get to the douglas bridge. more to come from news chopper 7. now back to the news desk. >> lisa, thank you. counselors will be on hand today to help students cope with the death of a classmate. >> that's right. one student died, four others were seriously hurt when their car hit a deer. the crash happened just after midnight tuesday in haymarket. our courtney robinson is live in haymarket with more on what may be to blame for the crash. what's the latest? >> pamela and alison, i can tell you, in talking with prince william county police officers they say excessive speed definitely played a role in this crash that we saw early yesterday morning just about midnight on log mill road. as part of that crash according to prince william county police officers, 15-year-old kendra tucker was thrown from the vehicle. she was pronounced dead at the
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scene. there were four other teenagers that were a part of battlefield high school. they were also in that vehicle. those four teens were taken to the hospital by helicopter. we know that one of those teens, a male, has since been released. another male is in the hospital as well as another 15-year-old girl and 14-year-old girl. grief counselors are going to be on hand here at battlefield high school to talk with students even though these students are out on their spring break. this is what police say happened yesterday along log mill road. they say the teens were speeding down log mill road toward mountain road when they came upon a deer. the driver hit that deer, lost control, then hit a tree. those teens were told some of them were thrown from the vehicle. one was inside of the vehicle another walking around in shock. of course, it was very upsetting for battlefield high school students to lose a close friend and then, of course, to
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have to deal with the fact that some of their friends remain in the hospital today. this is not the first accident that we've seen along log mill road involving battlefield high school students. just last august, about eight months ago two other battlefield high school teenagers were killed in a car crash along that roadway. we're told that roadway is known for serious car accidents, both involving speed and alcohol. in this case, officers saying speed the major factor. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> courtney, thank you so much for that report. meanwhile, the medical examiner's office is trying to find out what caused the death of a university of maryland student. police say he collapsed near byrd stadium on a college park campus. he was found tuesday night near roadway and then later died at a hospital. he was dressed in running clothes. police don't suspect foul play. his friends are stunned by his death. >> i can't believe like, his
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life cut so short. i'm very thankful to be his friend. >> he's going to be missed. >> adepegba was a communications major who planned to become an attorney. >> new this morning -- five people now face more charges in connection with a series of shootings last year. they were indicted on murder and other charges that the shootings that left five people dead and eight others wounded. prosecutors say they do expect to file even more charges. the f.a.a. has now put new rules in place for planes carrying members of the first and second families. this comes after first lady michelle obama's plane had to abort a landing at andrews air force base on monday. from now on, a supervisor, want a controller, will be directing those flights. the new rules only apply to the andrews air force base tower and the regional radar facility
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in warrenton virginia. >> president obama heads to nevada for another town hall meeting today. >> he is pushing his deficit reduction plan and making his case for re-election. brianne carter joins us from the newsroom with details on this. good morning. >> good morning to you. president obama is packing six fundraisers and two town hall meetings into two days, hoping to re-energize supporters. with money matters on the top of his agenda, this week president obama is combining the country's financial issues with his own fundraising. >> we've got to finish what we started. >> today president obama will hold his third town hall meeting in as many days, this one in reno, nevada, where again, he discusses his plan to bring down the deficit. wednesday, while at a town hall with facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg he blended social networking with policy issues, including his plan to raise a billion dollars in tax forms. >> that allows people like me and, frankly you mark, for
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paying a little more in tax. i know you're ok with that. >> this comes as congress prepares to vote on raising the debt ceiling while continuing debate over long-term deficit reduction. both issues obama says can only be solved if republicans and democrats work together. that working together could lead to compromises. at a fundraiser last night in san francisco, the president told supporters he understands with those compromises there may be some frustration. well, some are happy to hear what the president had to say others took away a different message. the president will finish his trip out west in l.a. before heading back to washington tomorrow. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> brianne thank you very much. it was an overtime thriller. the washington capitals made a huge comeback. >> a shoot by chimera that's blocked down and in the net! >> and there you go. jason chimera scoring the
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game-winning goal in the second overtime. the rangers led 3-0 but the caps just roared back, and they won it 4-3. they now lead the series 3-1. the capitals try to eliminate the rangers during game five at the verizon center on saturday. fans are ready to have them back. >> 6:38 is your time. we've got 52 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington" -- not just another pair of pretty faces. we're going to look at what the future queen of england has already accomplished. >> plus, donald trump's media moment.
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>> welcome back, everybody. it's 6:41. time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> doug hill, we got a real chill in the air and the winds are whipping out there today. >> yeah, the winds are blowing from north-northwest, and that's bringing in the cooler air. if winds were this strong and out of the west, it would warm us up. but as it turns out it will be a good 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. first up, some of the wind gusts around the area. notice the direction is mainly northwesterly. they'll turn more north. some recent gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. 35 miles per hour at reagan
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national airport. the temperatures are somewhat cooler than yesterday in the mid 40's north and west of the metro area. 52 in manassas. 55 at quantico. fredericksburg at 57 degrees. 53 in the city. high clouds left over behind the front. it's going to take a while for all this to transition eastward, but we'll get dryer air and work down to the surface. that will get rid of the cloud deck and will be mostly sunny. remaining breezy, and temperatures only in the mid 60's. it's not going to stay that way for long. a big warm-up is coming, but first we have to get through a day with tomorrow, which is going to be a little bit on the uncomfortable side. not a very pleasant friday. i'll tell what you to expect. >> we know you will, doug. thanks. >> now we toss it over to lisa. >> metrorail is good. the roads on the other hand have a couple of things brewing. for example, heading into the district on the suitland parkway, right before the exit for 295 police are with an accident. allow yourself extra time.
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by the way they're with a car fire on the inner loop near the exit for allentown road, the one that will take you to air force base. and on the inner loop, they were set to look for an accident near river road. didn't find a thing. that's better news for you. we'll find out what's happening on the baltimore-washington parkway by going live to news chopper 7. they're looking at the northbound parkway -- ah slam scram a tree has been moved out of the way here at 450 and both lanes are getting by now. now we go back to the news desk. >> thanks, lisa. 52 degrees outside, your time now on this thursday is 6:43. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> all right welcome back, everybody. the royal wedding is now one week from tomorrow. prince william and kate middleton, of course will be tying the knot.
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>> i think it's safe to say they're the most famous engaged couple on the planet. but they're much more than just a prince and a commoner. >> prince william, who used his fame for good, his service trip to chile was heavily publicized especially the fact that just like his fellow travelers, the prince cleaned out the toilets at their facility. after college william chose a career in the military. the prince is currently serving a three-year tour as a search and rescue pilot. born catherine elizabeth middleton, kate grew up in berkshire. she's the eldest child of a pilot father and flight attendant mother. kate graduated from st. andrews university with a degree in art history and a very famous boyfriend. she reportedly caught will's eye while walking the runway in a school fashion show. will and kate dated for eight years before announcing their engagement an announcement that has kicked the media's fascination with the pair into a frenzy. so far, they seem to be taking everything in stride even the
6:47 am
inevitable wedding jitters. >> my knees started tapping quite nervously. a through seems to be no reason to worry. in true british style these two seem determined to keep calm and carry on. >> turning now to today's politico minute. donald trump's media moment, how his name recognition is helping him. >> we get details live. david, hi. good morning. i love the politico article today called donald trump modern-day p.t. barnum, wanting attention and knowing how to get it. what do you think is going on here? >> i think that's absolutely right. his whole shtick, if you will, is to dwarner attention for himself, i think pretend like he's running for president make it seem like he's putting together a campaign organization. i suspect he'll pull back at the last minute. >> yeah, why is that? you said earlier you think he's sort of teasing us here. >> right. it's not clear he even has all the money he says he has to run
6:48 am
for president much he says he's worth billions of dollars. he may have a lot of debt, a lot of liabilities. it's not clear he could just write himself a check for say $300 million or so. >> well it's interesting. the other day we saw the president and first lady's tax returns. we saw their information. but the potential g.o.p. presidential candidates aren't showing their returns. in fact, donald trump says he'll show his when president obama coughs up his birth certificate. >> right. well they're under no legal obligation to show their tax returns at this point. in fact, they don't even ever have to show their tax returns. they don't have to fill out a financial disclosure statement, but that's another little dig by mr. trump to get in against the president on the birth err issue, which really puts him on the far fringe of american politics. i think it will actually hurt him and help the president more by making president obama look more mainstream. >> and of course, the president has even acknowledged that himself. >> that's right. the president has played off a bit. he's probably secretly hoping that donald trump gets into the
6:49 am
race and becomes the republican nominee. he probably thinks that's a big advantage to him. >> absolutely. all right. mark thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you. >> thanks, david. 6:49 is your time, 5 degrees. it's -- 52 degrees. it's pretty chilly out there. >> yeah, it's spring, so it's still early in the spring season. we'll have these days. yesterday, 85 degrees. today, probably about 65. first up, let's go over to our cameras in rosslyn. some high clouds, and we saw it on satellite last time, kind of the trailing edge of clouds, but the sun will come out. take a look at temperatures around the area. some wind gusts were reported. 34 mile per hour gusts 50 degrees. 52 right now in the naval academy, wind gust at 32 miles an hour. pretty chilly out there. 40 especially north and west of the metro area. a little bit milder south and east. 50 degrees in huntington right
6:50 am
now. here are some of the clouds, but no precipitation. this is a mid-level cloud deck. that will get out of here. sunshine will build through the area as high pressure builds in. that will also keep the gusty winds out of the north and northwest throughout the day. there's a warm front and it will change our weather tomorrow. so bring the clouds right back in. it's going draw in winds off the atlantic ocean. and out of the southeast that's going to give us a cloudy day tomorrow, despite the fact that we have clearing just to the north and west. our futurecast coming in this morning, so enjoy the sunshine. temperatures will be comfortable enough. but then the rain is on the way, and it will be with us throughout the day especially tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, where it will be moderate to heavy. right now looks like the front will clear the area on saturday morning, starting to clear skies and pushing temperatures back into the 70's. 65 today, 40 tonight. periods of rain developing throughout the day tomorrow and 54 degrees. the easter weekend not a perfect forecast. of course, i am a perfectionist when it comes to nice, warm weather, but it looks pretty good. adam will have the details in just a few minutes. >> ok, doug, thank you so much.
6:51 am
hope you have a great easter. >> thanks. >> lisa baden what's the latest on traffic? >> v-dot is reporting a possible crash on canal road near the key bridge. we had an accident near the douglas bridge, south capitol street bridge at first sterling avenue but relax. that will be out of the roadway by the time you get there. news chopper 7 is on their way to a car fire on the inner loop on the exit for andrews air force base. and we're looking live at the geico traffic center camera. it's beautiful 395 in shirlington and good at the pentagon. back in a moment.
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>> welcome back. it is 6:54. grief counselors will be at battlefield high school in haymarket today. students can talk with them about yesterday's single car crash that killed 15-year-old kendra tucker and injured four other students. police say none of those students were wearing seat belts. >> virginia congressman jim moran is asking officials to ask a court to block the pentagon removing thousands of workers to an alexandria office complex. this comes in the wake of a
6:55 am
report which says the pentagon was faulty. >> and president obama will be in reno, nevada, today to discuss his plans to reduce the nation's growing budget deficit. yesterday mr. obama talked about the debt during a town hall meeting at facebook headquarters in california. >> we all know that the royal wedding is just over a week away. >> that's right, but that's actually not the only celebration in the works in great britain. they are also celebrating a big birthday queen elizabeth ii will turn 85 today. she took the throne back in 1953 after the death of her father, king george vi. queen elizabeth has four children. she also has eight grandchildren. >> happy birthday to her. >> and she always has a hat. >> of course. >> time for a last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. lisa baden? >> we have everything on normal service. metrorail, no distractions from marc rail or the virginia railway express. live we wanted to take you into virginia.
6:56 am
66 95, 395 kind of status quo with the volume of traffic. look good here at edsall road on your way to the pentagon. and we are quiet right now on 270. no accidents between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. adam caskey? >> becoming sunny day, a nice day, but not ads warm as yesterday. gusty, mid 60's this afternoon gray damp, and rainy tomorrow. the evening commute will be a damp one tomorrow. into the weekend comfortable, in the 70's. by easter sunday, late in the day we could have a few pop-up storms possible, not too many, but there could be a few on sunday. >> not a perfect easter day, but we'll take it. >> should be all right. >> thank you so much for watching "good morning washington." of course, "good morning america" is up next. >> for continuing local news, tune in to news channel 8. we hope you have a wonderful morning. see you back here at noon.
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